In addition to research, the Tree Ring Lab conducts a number of outreach activities in the Wayne County area, particularly with students at  local schools like Wooster Montessori and Cornerstone Elementary. We have also invited children from The College of Wooster Nursery School to visit our tree ring lab.

Dr. Wiles shows a core under the microscope to children at the The College of Wooster Nursery School in the annex lab
Dr. Wiles shows tree rings under the microscope to children from The College of Wooster Nursery School
Children wearing hardhats in the preparation area (also the saw room in Scovel Hall)
The children visit the tree core preparation area, with the appropriate safety gear
Sarah Appleton '11 helps Cornerstone students core a tree
Sarah Appleton ’11 helps Cornerstone Elementary students core a tree by Cornerstone’s back playground.
Cornerstone students look at a tree core under the microscope on a monitor display
Students came back to the COW Tree Ring Lab to examine the cores.

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For more information about our outreach activities, contact Dr. Greg Wiles at gwiles@wooster.edu.











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